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Are You in an Abusive Relationship?

Five warning signs you’re experiencing domestic violence By Neusa Gaytan “Immigrant Latinas may not know domestic violence is against the law.” Despite the prevalence of awareness messages about domestic violence and the relentless discussion of predatory sexual behavior during the presidential election campaign, many victims of abuse in the immigrant community remain in the shadows. Domestic violence is not just defined by one mode of behavior, for instance a “beating.” It is a pattern of abusive behaviors when a predator uses physical, emotional, economic, social media or sexual means to gain and maintain control over a victim. Typically, the controlling person is in an...

Chicago Says No More: Embrace the conversation

“People I had known for years, who I never suspected were victims, shared their journeys.” By Mary E. Toomey Last year, while organizing an employee awareness event at my company around domestic violence and sexual assault, I learned I did not realize the power silence can have, if we let it. In any setting, including a corporate one like Bank of America, it can be uncomfortable to discuss such a sensitive, serious issue. Yet, creating a safe space for dialogue and simply listening to each other is one of the most important things we as people and as a company can...


By Rev. Charles Dahm, O.P. I have been preaching about domestic violence during Sunday services for eight years, visiting close to 90 parishes at least once. The Archdiocese of Chicago Domestic Violence Outreach (ACDVO) now includes ministries at 75 of about 350 parishes in the Chicago area. When I started visiting parishes, occasionally a priest would push back, usually because he did not understand the dynamics of domestic violence. Sometimes priests resist the idea of my sermon and a DV ministry because they think it is not a big problem or talking about DV will be controversial. Typically, there are two or three...



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